Waste producers

Around 36 percent of Switzerland's electricity is produced in nuclear power plants.

This gives rise to radioactive waste:

  • fission and activation products from spent nuclear fuel
  • operational waste
  • decommissioning waste (from dismantling of facilities; decommissioning of Mühleberg nuclear power plant in progress) 

Medicine, industry and research (MIR waste)

Numerous applications in the fields of medicine, industry and research use radioactive substances. After use, they have to be disposed of together with newly produced radioactive waste.

Nuclear power plants and interim storage facilities in Switzerland


  1. NPP Mühleberg (shut down at the end of 2019, decommissioning in progress)
  2. NPP Gösgen-Däniken
  3. NPP Leibstadt
  4. NPP Beznau (two reactors)
  6. Federal Government interim storage facility (MIR waste) 

Ethical obligation

We have an ethical obligation to dispose of all these wastes safely. The generation that benefits from the waste-producing activities should also be responsible for safe management of the waste.

Nuclear power plant Gösgen-Däniken


Image: Comet Photoshopping, Dieter Enz

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