Technical Report NTB 85-54

Thermal loading in the near field of repositories for high and intermediate level nuclear waste


  • hard copy, English
    CHF 30.00



The feasibility, the principal features and operational aspects of the two underground nuclear waste repositories Type B and Type C have been analysed in the Nagra "Project Gewähr 1985" study.

The near-field thermal calculations performed for this study are described in detail in this report. The calculations, which have been made to ensure that there is at no time a risk of excessive temperatures being reached, account for heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. All these mechanisms may be relevant during the first few years after disposal.

The high-level wastes considered are reprocessing waste and spent fuel. The heat generating intermediate level wastes comprise hulls and end caps, co-precipitation sludges from reprocessing and certain decommissioning wastes. Disposal of heat-generating wastes has been analysed both for the Type B and the Type C repository. Within the present repository concepts, acceptable temperature distributions can be achieved by appropriate disposal plans and configurations.

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