Technical Report NTB 85-39

Analysis of pressure and flow data from the long-term monitoring tool in Böttstein borehole



In January 1984, a long-term monitoring system with 8 packers was installed in the Böttstein borehole. The system divides the borehole into hydraulically isolated zones of different lengths. The measurement period up till the beginning of November discussed in this report is divided into three monitoring phases:

  • firstly, a pressure build-up until 4th October 1984,
  • secondly, a flow test in the five lower zones from 4th – 23rd October 1984, and
  • thirdly, a pressure build-up in all zones. The data used from this last phase is up till 6th November 1984, but investigations were still being continued after the copy deadline for this report.

The measurement data obtained are evaluated in the present report using both analytical calculation methods and numerical models. Results are obtained for hydraulic pressure of the groundwater and for permeability values for the individual sections. All permeabilities obtained using different methods are compared with one another and with those from packer tests from the drilling phase and are then evaluated in detail.

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