Rapport technique NTB 82-02

Monitoring des déchets radioactifs



The estimation of risks presented by final disposal of radioactive wastes depends, among other things, on what is known of their radioisotope content.

The first aim of this report is to present the current state of possibilities for measuring (monitoring) radionuclides in wastes.

The definition of a global monitoring system in the framework of radioactive waste disposal has to be realized, based on the information presented here, in accordance with the results of work to come and on the inventory of wastes to be stored. Designed for direct measurement of unpackaged wastes and for control of wastes ready to be stored, the system would ultimately make it possible to obtain all adequate information about their radioisotope content with regard to the required disposal safety.

The second aim of this report is to outline the definition of such a global system of monitoring.

Designed as a workbase and reference source for future work by the National Cooperative for the Storage of Radioactive Waste on the topic of radioactive waste monitoring, this report describes the current situation in this field. It also makes it possible to draw some preliminary conclusions and to make several recommendations.

Centered on the possibilities of current and developing techniques, it makes evident that a global monitoring system should be developed. However, it shows that the monitoring of packaged wastes will be difficult, and should be avoided as far as possible, except for control measurements.

Conclusions and Recommendations
The special Swiss conditions are defined by the project "Gewähr". This project must show by the end of 1985 that safe final storage of radioactive waste is feasible. Given these conditions, it is necessary to channel some effort towards adequate knowledge of the radioisotope content of wastes. This knowledge relates primarily to the critical radionuclides for final storage.

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