Waste management program

Article 32 of the Nuclear Energy Act (2003) calls for the waste producers to prepare a waste management programme.

The Nuclear Energy Ordinance states that this programme has to be reviewed and updated every five years. The programme sets out the individual steps that are necessary on the way to geological disposal and the key milestones in the timetable for implementing repositories.

The programme is reviewed by the Federal Office of Energy (FOE) and the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) and approved by the Federal Council. Together with the sectoral plan for deep geological repositories and the two funds for financing waste management and decommissioning, the programme sets out the boundary conditions for sustainable waste management and financing of the associated activities.

Waste streams in the Swiss management concept. 

Article 52.1 of the Nuclear Energy Ordinance

According to the Nuclear Energy Ordinance the following must be included in the waste management programme:

  • Origin, type and volumes of radioactive waste
  • The required deep geological repositories, including design concepts
  • Allocation of waste to the deep geological repositories
  • A plan for the implementation of the deep geological repositories
  • Duration and required capacity of centralised and decentralised interim storage
  • A financial plan for waste management operations through to decommissioning
  • An information concept
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