New exhibition: „Journey through time to a deep repository“

Nagra’s new exhibition „Journey through time to a deep repository“ will be presented to the public for the first time at the Schaffhausen autumn fair from 21st to 25th October.

The exhibition has been designed to provide concrete answers to questions that are raised repeatedly by the public in the siting regions as part of the search for disposal sites.

The exhibition is divided into three main elements: a virtual experience section with a journey through time to a future repository, an information section with interesting exhibits and a dialogue section for discussions and exchange of views with the public.

The „Journey through time to a deep repository“ provides a virtual look into the future. It uses the novel Oculus virtual reality technology to allow visitors to the exhibition to experience today what a future waste disposal facility will be like. The information section looks at a range of topics including rock properties, earthquakes, glacier erosion, the repository surface facility and seismic investigations. All these topics are raised repeatedly in discussions with the public.

Come and visit us – we look forward to talking with you. 

Ein Blick in die neue Ausstellung. Foto: André Urech An impression of the new exhibition. Photo: André Urech
Zeitreise zum Tiefenlager – erleben Sie eine virtuelle Reise in die Zukunft. Foto: André Urech Journey through time to a deep repository – experience a virtual journey into the future. Photo: André Urech
Mittels virtueller Realität können die Besucher in die Zukunft reisen. Foto: André Urech Virtual reality technology allows visitors to travel to the future. Photo: André Urech
Die Geologie ist entscheidend für die Langzeitsicherheit eines Tiefenlagers. Foto: André Urech Geology is decisive for the long-term safety of a repository. Photo: André Urech
Ein Blick ins Gestein. Foto: André Urech Rock from the inside. Photo: André Urech
Wie sieht eine Oberflächenanlage in der Region aus? Foto: André Urech What will the surface facility look like in a siting region? Photo: André Urech
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