Nagra prepares itself for Stage 3 of the site selection process

As part of an organisational development project, Nagra is positioning itself for the upcoming challenges in Stage 3 of the Sectoral Plan process for repository site selection.

The Executive Board is being expanded from the previous three members to six. Over the next two years, Nagra will increase its workforce by around 20% from today’s 90 full-time positions to meet the increasing demands in the coming years.

As the site selection process – and with it the waste management programme – moves forward, the demands on our organisation are growing and changing. Previously, our work consisted mainly of carrying out scientific investigations and documenting the results; with Stage 3 of the Sectoral Plan process, our main task will be to prepare the general licence applications for the repository sites.

«The requirements are changing and staff numbers are growing», explains Thomas Ernst, Chief Executive Officer. The responsibility for performing this task of national importance will be shouldered at management level by a stronger team. The Executive Board will consist in future of six members instead of today’s three. The existing Divisions are being integrated and will be strengthened in the coming years by recruitment of the required specialist staff. «We see this opportunity to grow and reorganise as a clear commitment of the members of our cooperative to ensuring a responsible approach to implementing safe waste disposal», explains Ernst. In economically difficult times when parent companies are cutting back on staff levels, it cannot be taken for granted that additional manpower will be available in the waste management sector. «The qualities we look for in our staff are reliability, competence and durability – the same qualities that we expect of our waste management solutions», says Ernst.

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