Nagra expands its Executive Board

As part of an organisational development in preparation for the third and final stage of the site selection process, Nagra has appointed three new members to its Executive Board.

As announced in December, Nagra is expanding its Executive Board from three to six members with a view to meeting the challenges in Stage 3 of the Sectoral Plan process. «In future, the responsibility for performing this task of national importance will be shouldered at management level by a stronger team», explains Thomas Ernst, Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Markus Fritschi, Deputy CEO, will remain as a member of the Board. Dr. Piet Zuidema will continue with his responsibilities as Coordinator of the Project Sectoral Plan Stage 2 and will remain as a member of the Board up to the completion of Stage 2. He will support Nagra thereafter in an advisory function up till his retirement. With his appointment as Division Head Finance, Controlling & Human Resources, Reto Beutler, who has been with Nagra since 2012, also became a member of the Executive Board.

The three open positions for Division Head Safety, Geology & Radioactive Materials, Division Head Planning & Construction of Deep Geological Repositories and Coordinator Major Project Sectoral Plan Stage 3 & Licensing were advertised and have now been filled successfully.

From 1st July, Dr. Tim Vietor (49) will head the Division Safety, Geology & Radioactive Materials. Tim Vietor has a doctorate in geology and has been with Nagra for 10 years. He has been head of the Field Investigations Section for the last five years and is responsible for the planning and implementation of exploration work, including seismic measurements, deep boreholes and key experiments in the rock laboratories. He has a solid foundation in both national and international research in the area of deep geological disposal.

Patrick Senn (46) will lead the Division Planning & Construction of Deep Geological Repositories from 1st October. He studied civil engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and has wide experience in the area of tunnel and underground construction. He was project manager for the A5 Büttenberg tunnel and deputy project manager for the new Bern-Solothurn regional railway station in Bern. He also brings practical experience from the construction of the ‘Bahn 2000’ tunnels Murgenthal and Zimmerberg.

Maurus Alig (41) will join Nagra as Coordinator Major Project Sectoral Plan Stage 3 & Licensing on 1st July. He studied earth sciences at the University of Bern and went on to hold various positions in Switzerland and abroad in the area of risk analysis and remediation of contaminated sites. He was later responsible for the operation of a waste treatment plant and the development and implementation of new disposal site projects, from the search for suitable sites up to licensing of construction and operation.

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