International conference on radioactive waste management in Paris

The International Conference on Geological Repositories will be held in Paris from 6th to 9th December.

The conference is being organised by the OECD/NEA together with the French waste management organisation ANDRA. Nagra representatives will also participate in the event.

The topic of this year’s conference is continued engagement and safe implementation of geological repositories. The focus of the discussions will be on progress made in developing and implementing geological repositories and sharing experience through international collaboration. Thomas Ernst, CEO of Nagra, will discuss these issues from a Swiss perspective. The French waste management programme will also be presented in detail and there will be the possibility to visit various French waste management facilities.

The successful implementation of a national waste management programme requires the scientific and technical basis to be in place. Key requirements in addition to this are that political responsibility should be acknowledged and timely strategic decisions made on a national level. Since 1999, the conference series has highlighted the political, socio-economic and ethical aspects of implementing repositories. It provides a forum for international exchange between high-level decision-makers from politics and industry, regulatory authorities and waste management organisations and is supported by key international organisations in the area of radioactive waste management.

The ICGR’16 builds on the success of previous conferences held in Denver (Facing Common Challenges, 1999), Stockholm (Political and Technical Progress, 2003), Berne (A Common Objective, a Variety of Paths, 2007) and Toronto (National Commitment – Local and Regional Involvement, 2012).

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