Interactive portal for schools & young people: everything at a glance

Nagra’s new interactive portal for schools and young people presents a wide range of materials for teachers and students: everything at a glance.

The new portal is colourful and eye-catching. It can be seen immediately from the homepage what audience is being targeted: teachers and students. For these two groups, there are separate areas where the actual materials are presented. School lessons for teachers or support for end-of-school projects. An invitation to be a speaker during a lesson or information for preparing presentations. Both students and teachers can make their selection from the wide range of materials offered.

The portal for schools and students also provides an overview of the management of radioactive waste in the form of a comic strip entitled «In a nutshell». There is a list of useful links, an image and video gallery and a link to Nagra’s own geology and seismics blogs.

Want to ask a question? This is the motto of the interactive Pin Board. It is aimed mainly at students, but teachers are free to post questions, comments or images on the Board.

For those who like to be fully mobile, our App on experiencing waste management (EntsorgungErleben) can be downloaded from the AppStore or from GooglePlay. The App provides access to the portal and can receive news, retrieve information, place orders or make posts.

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