Welcome to our new website!

We are pleased to introduce you to our revamped website. As of today, presents itself in a new look and is easier to navigate. These are the most important new features.

The new website shows many pictures of our staff members. Cast a glance behind the scenes of our organisation. We hope you will like our modern, more vibrant design.

Under “News, stories and videos”, you can learn more about the people moving ahead with the project of the century of deep geological disposal. Whether you are looking for photos and videos, news or newsletters – it is easy to use our filter and search functions. Our new hub for media professionals features media releases and downloads in a more user-friendly manner and can be searched using keywords. Searching for publications in the download section has become easier and faster. Extensive, interactive GIS maps have been added to show you, for example, the potential siting regions for a deep geological repository.

It is now easier to find what you are looking for: information is divided into portions and teaser boxes guide you to further pages. Text anchors help you navigate the web pages.

Exchange with the public is important to us. You can find direct contact persons in clearly structured contact boxes.

Enjoy surfing and browsing our new website! We look forward to your feedback (! Of course, you can also reach us through social media.

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