Korrosionsversuch Felslabor Mont Terri

International research at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory – open year-round for visitors

The Mont Terri Rock Laboratory is an underground research laboratory in Canton Jura where 22 partners from 9 nations work together. As the primary research partner, we will gladly guide you through the rock laboratory, which is managed by swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography.

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What is being investigated at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory?

Scientists conduct experiments on the Opalinus Clay – the rock that will eventually host the deep geological repository – under realistic conditions. Researchers also investigate geological, chemical and physical processes that will eventually occur in a repository. They also study how radioactive substances are retained underground over long time periods.

At Mont Terri, organisations from Canada, the EU, Japan, the United Kingdom, the USA and Switzerland are involved in joint research projects. It is one of the leading international geological laboratories for research on clay rocks. No radioactive waste disposal takes place at Mont Terri; the laboratory is solely for research purposes.

Felslabor Mont Terri: Mikrobiologie Experiment mit Abbau von Gas durch Bakterien
Experiment on the degradation of gas by bacteria found in Opalinus Clay.

Map of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory close to St-Ursanne

Registration for a guided tour

Please contact Renate Spitznagel to register for a guided tour of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory. We look forward to your visit.

Cover photo: Maria Schmid

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