We offer consulting services in the following areas:

Strategic project planning

  • Development of waste management programmes for all waste types at a national level
  • Planning waste management concepts, site selection procedures and repository implementation
  • Development of information and communication strategies

Project implementation

  • Developing and implementing suitable site investigation methodologies
  • Designing and developing barrier systems for different waste types
  • Specification of waste inventories
  • Safety analyses
  • Multidisciplinary research and development projects, aimed specifically at integrating laboratory studies, projects in rock laboratories and supporting modelling work
  • Characterisation and inventorying of waste

Project support

  • Knowledge and quality management
  • Public relations strategies
  • Technical editing
  • Information acquisition and evaluation, compilation of reports
  • Training courses in areas of core competence

Over 30 years of experience

Nagra’s experience in the field of radioactive waste management can be applied in other national programmes and areas outside the nuclear field.

The services offered range from strategic programme planning to project implementation.

Our international consulting services offer high quality, cost-effective solutions to waste management issues.

We are particularly interested in projects that have synergies with the activities ongoing in the Swiss programme or that serve to expand our know-how.

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