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International Services and Projects

We offer our know-how to interested parties around the world.

Our services

Our International Services and Projects (ISP) Division is responsible for projects with funding sources outside Switzerland’s radioactive waste management programme, as well as for the Grimsel Test Site. Our activities cover a wide spectrum of services:

  • strategic programme planning
  • specification of waste inventories
  • site selection
  • site characterisation and evaluation
  • disposal concepts
  • safety case development and safety analyses
  • public outreach
  • training and knowledge build-up

We are a team of motivated employees and are also actively involved with the national disposal programme. With our continually increasing know-how, growing number of scientific staff and expansion of our pool of experts, we are in a strong position to effectively support our national and international partners as well as other organisations.

Nagra employees recover a rock sample – a so-called drill core – for further analysis.

Grimsel Test Site: Nagra’s unique underground rock laboratory

We are particularly proud of our Grimsel Test Site that we started operating in 1984. Hundreds of metres below the earth's surface, we work with national and international partners on the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

The Grimsel Test Site is the only underground laboratory worldwide where researchers can carry out experiments on the behaviour of radionuclides in fractured rock under controlled and realistic conditions. We use minute traces of these substances to investigate how they migrate through rock.

For detailed information on the individual experiments, see our separate Grimsel Test Site website.

Internationally renowned research and training centre

At present, over twenty organisations from different countries participate in the experiments conducted at the Grimsel Test Site. The European Union and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation sponsor individual projects. We share our research results with other partners and the international scientific community in the form of presentations and scientific publications.

Our Grimsel Training Centre (GTC) serves as an international platform for the exchange and transfer of knowledge.

Countries involved in the Grimsel Test Site

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