International closing conference on the LUCOEX Project in Sweden

In June 2015, the closing conference on the LUCOEX Project will be held in Oskarshamn (Sweden). Nagra is involved with the «Full-Scale Emplacement» Experiment at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory.

LUCOEX (Large Underground Concept Experiments) is part of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme and is aimed at demonstrating the emplacement of disposal containers for radioactive waste under the conditions prevailing in a deep geological repository.

Four 1:1 emplacement concepts were demonstrated as part of the Project:

  • Horizontal emplacement in Opalinus Clay (Nagra, Switzerland)
  • Horizontal emplacement in Callovo-Oxfordian marl clay (ANDRA, France)
  • Horizontal emplacement in hard crystalline rock (SKB, Sweden)
  • Vertical emplacement in hard crystalline rock (POSIVA, Finland)

Nagra is involved in the LUCOEX Project with the aspects of the FE («Full-Scale Emplacement») Experiment that are relevant for demonstrating emplacement technologies; the Experiment is being conducted at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory. Close international collaboration in 1:1 demonstration experiments allows the emplacement technologies and backfilling procedures that are broadly endorsed by the international scientific community to be further developed.

Furter information on the LUCOEX conference

2nd to 4th June 2015 in Oskarshamn, Sweden

Video of the FE Experiment:

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