Interim storage

Low-and intermediate-level waste that has already been packaged is stored in halls at the ZWILAG centralised interim storage facility and the Federal Government's interim storage facility in Würenlingen, as well as at the power plants.

Spent fuel for direct disposal and vitrified high-level waste from reprocessing are stored in massive containers.

After removal from the reactor, the spent fuel elements are stored for five to ten years in pools at the power plant sites to allow cooling. They are then packaged into transport and storage containers and brought to the ZWILAG interim storage facility in Würenlingen. The storage capacity is sufficient for all waste arising from the operation and decommissioning of the five nuclear power plants. This is also true for the waste from medicine, industry and research.

Interim storage

All types of radioactive waste and spent fuel can be stored safely in the halls of the ZWILAG facility in Würenlingen. The Federal Government's interim storage facility for waste from medicine, industry and research is located at the same site. Image: Zwilag

Storage buildings 

  1. Storage building for low- and intermediate-level waste
  2. Storage building for intermediate-level waste
  3. Storage building for high-level waste and spent fuel
  4. Federal Government interim storage facility (BZL)
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