Socio-economic impacts

Economic, ecological and societal impacts of a deep geological repository on a siting region 

In Stage 2, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) investigates the economic, ecological and societal impacts of deep repositories in all the siting regions. Additional questions are prepared by the regional conferences to supplement these socio-economic studies. The results of this work provide important background for the regions, particularly when discussing long-term development strategies both with and without a repository. The results also provide input for the overall assessment carried out as part of the decision of the Federal Council on Stage 2.

The socio-economic-ecological studies have no influence on the selection of the geological siting regions to be proposed in Stage 2. Safety always has highest priority in the stepwise site selection process as specified in the Sectoral Plan. According to the SFOE, if a geological siting region were to be placed in reserve due to spatial planning disadvantages associated with the siting areas for the surface facility, it could be the case that a siting region that is very suitable in terms of safety would thus be placed in reserve; this would contradict the primary aim of achieving the highest possible level of safety.