Grimsel Test Site

Out of solidarity with vulnerable members of our society, Nagra is foregoing all events and tours, including those with a small number of participants. Visits to the underground rock laboratories have been put on hold until at least the end of April.

Whenever possible, all tours and events will take place at a later date.

More information

Guided tours of the Grimsel Test Site

The Grimsel Test Site offers tours for groups of at least ten visitors from Monday to Saturday. Please note that early registration is essential. Tours for groups of fewer than ten people are available upon request. Guided tours take place from the start of June until mid-October. They last around two hours and are free of charge. The Grimsel Test Site can be reached by public transport (post bus) or private vehicle. The regular meeting point is Gerstenegg.

A tour includes:

  • Minivan transfer to the rock laboratory through the main access tunnel of the Oberhasli hydropower plant (10 mins)
  • Introduction and subsequent tour of the rock laboratory (100 mins)
  • Minivan transfer back to Gerstenegg (10 mins)

Register for a guided tour

Please contact Renate Spitznagel (see box on right for contact details) to register for a guided tour of the Grimsel Test Site. We look forward to your visit.

International research

Nagra has been operating the Test Site on the Grimsel pass in the Bernese Alps since 1984. Scientists from all around the world conduct their research in the crystalline rocks of the central Aar Massif. Researchers can access the laboratory year-round. Numerous research projects in all geoscientific and engineering fields provide information on crystalline rock as a potential host formation, on the functioning of the engineered safety barriers and on the transport behaviour of harmful substances in the safety barriers and the rock. The Grimsel Test Site is a platform where know-how is exchanged and where guided tours offer an opportunity for active dialogue with the public and politicians.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Grimsel Test Site.

The underground rock laboratory lies beneath the Juchlistock. Image: DesAir

  1. Grimsel Test Site
  2. Lake Räterichsboden
  3. Lake Grimsel
  4. Juchlistock
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