Geoscientific Advisory Group

To reach the long-term goal of realising a deep geological repository, Nagra relies on a high degree of technical-scientific know-how, credible work results and public transparency.

An important element in achieving this is the exchange and open discussion with external experts.

For this purpose, Nagra has been employing independent, external scientific experts for many years. They provide overall expert advice for the duration of the projects and review the work results. At present, the Geoscientific Advisory Group consists of four geoscientists with extensive long-term knowledge in the fields of education, research and industry. The Advisory Group is not bound by instructions from Nagra and is thus independent. It evaluates key reports before they are published and comments on selected technical issues.

To ensure the high quality of its technical work and reports, Nagra also uses specialists and expert groups in addition to the Advisory Group.


Dr. Jens Birkholzer
Dr. Jean-Marc Lavanchy
Prof. Jon Mosar
Prof. Manfred Strecker

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