Executive Board

  • Matthias Braun Chief Executive Officer An ecologically and economically sustainable deep geological repository for the long-term safe disposal of radioactive waste can be realised in Switzerland.
  • Markus Fritschi Deputy CEO – Division Head Collaboration Sectoral Plan & Public Outreach Our duty to future generations is to implement this environmental protection task in Switzerland without delay and not to put it on the back-burner. The technical basis for achieving this already exists.
  • Thomas Ernst CEO until 30th April 2021, will continue to work for Nagra until 30th September 2021 Deep geological repositories are best suited to ensuring the safe long-term management of radioactive waste.
  • Maurus Alig Coordinator Major Project Sectoral Plan Stage 3 / General Licences The sites remaining from Stage 2 fulfil the strictest requirements for constructing a deep geological repository. The foundation has thus been laid for our qualified and motivated staff to bring the Sectoral Plan process to a successful conclusion in the third stage in a safety-oriented and transparent way.
  • Reto Beutler Division Head Finance, Controlling & Human Resources Realising safe deep geological disposal of radioactive waste is the responsibility of the current generation. However, sustainable solutions also have to be economically viable.
  • Tim Vietor Division Head Safety, Geology & Radioactive Materials Our mission is to ensure the cross-generational protection of humans and the environment by constructing safe deep geological repositories. We are approaching this task with a strong sense of responsibility and the necessary respect.
  • Severin Wälchli Division Head Planning & Construction of Deep Geological Repositories By optimally fusing technology, geology and science, it is possible to plan and realise a safe, ecologically and economically sustainable deep geological repository.
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