Current information on the surface infrastructure

In the ongoing Stage 3 of the site selection process for a deep geological repository, Nagra is concretising the surface infrastructure in cooperation with the potentially affected siting regions.

A deep geological repository for radioactive waste also consists of facilities built at or close to the earth's surface. This "surface infrastructure" is required for the construction and operation of the repository. More detailed information is available here.

How is the surface infrastructure concretised in cooperation with the siting regions?

With a view to the upcoming general licence applications, in Stage 3 Nagra is concretising the surface infrastructure in the three remaining siting regions Jura Ost, Nördlich Lägern and Zürich Nordost working in cooperation with the regions. In May 2019, Nagra published site-specific proposals for the surface infrastructure that serve as a basis for discussions. Information on this cooperation is available here.

In the blue text box to the right, you can find a brochure with the most important facts on the surface infrastructure as well as fact sheets containing an overview of Nagra's proposals for each potentially affected region and work reports containing detailed information on these proposals.

More information on the individual siting regions is available here:
Jura Ost
Nördlich Lägern
Zürich Nordost

Visualisation of an auxiliary access facility for operations

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