Cooperation with the siting regions

Concretising the surface infrastructure in Stage 3

Regional participation provides the public with an opportunity to raise their concerns and become involved by participating in the regional conferences and their working groups. In particular, regional conferences have a say with regard to the surface infrastructure of a deep geological repository. A repository requires facilities at or close to the surface. These facilities are called the "surface infrastructure". Nagra is planning the surface infrastructure together with the potentially affected siting regions.

In cooperation with the regions and Cantons, Nagra designated the siting areas for the surface facility in Stage 2. At the end of 2018, the Federal Council concluded Stage 2 of the Sectoral Plan process. As an interim result, it specified the following areas for a surface facility: JO-3+ (Jura Ost, community of Villigen), NL-2 and NL-6 (Nördlich Lägern, communities of Weiach and Stadel) and ZNO-6b (Zürich Nordost, communities of Marthalen and Rheinau).

Nagra's mandate from the Federal Government for Stage 3

For Stage 3 of the site selection process, Nagra's mandate from the Federal Government is to concretise the layout of the surface infrastructure, identify areas for auxiliary access facilities, discuss the development of the infrastructure and note potential concerns of the regions regarding construction site development.

For further planning of the surface infrastructure, Nagra developed two proposals for Jura Ost, four proposals for Nördlich Lägern and four proposals for Zürich Nordost, all of which were made public in May 2019. The proposals are the result of previous collaboration with the regions. More detailed information on Nagra's proposals is available in the factsheets for Jura Ost (PDF, in German), Nördlich Lägern (PDF, in German) and Zürich Nordost (PDF, in German).

Responses of the regions form the basis for further concretisation

The regions can now discuss what variant, in their opinion, can be best integrated into the regional situation. They can also bring forward their own proposals. The responses from the regions are expected by 2021 and will form the basis for the further concretisation of the projects by Nagra. The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure that the needs of the siting regions are considered to the greatest extent possible. The concerns of the local population, the authorities and the Cantons are implemented as far as possible within the framework set by legislation and the requirements relating to safety and with consideration of reasonable cost and effort. Nagra is expected to announce in 2022 which siting region it considers best suited for a deep geological repository. By 2024, Nagra will concretise the surface infrastructure working together with the region in question and submit a general licence application.

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