Cooperation with the siting regions

How much weight is attached to the concerns of the regions?

The surface facility of a deep geological repository can be constructed at different locations within the planning perimeter; its layout is flexible and it should be integrated as far as possible into the region.

The wishes, needs and concerns of the local population carry great weight. Nagra therefore works closely together with the potential siting regions in planning the surface facility. This approach is specified in the Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories.

Nagra's proposals for siting areas for the surface facility that will undergo further investigation are based on the results of the cooperation with the regions. The wishes of the local population and the authorities are implemented in so far as they can be realised with the required level of safety and with reasonable cost and effort.

Shaft infrastructure is also required in addition to the surface facility. These smaller installations are located at the surface above the repository and their location will be decided at a later stage.

From September 2013 to end of May 2014

Based on the results of the cooperation with the regions, Nagra designates at least one siting area per planning perimeter for further investigation in Stage 2 of the Sectoral Plan process. The siting areas, surface facility components and the site development/access are described in planning studies prepared by Nagra.

By the end of May 2014, Nagra had designated siting areas for the surface facilities in all the siting regions and completed the associated planning studies. Further details of the layout and design of the surface facilities and possibilities for optimisation will be discussed in the coming years with the siting regions that are not placed in reserve in Stage 2 and will provide input for a potential general licence application.

The planning studies also serve as a basis for the socio-economic-ecological impact studies that are carried out for each siting region under the lead of the SFOE. A preliminary investigation for an environmental impact assessment is also carried out in parallel for each siting area.

Ab Ende 2012

From February 2012

The public and the authorities in the siting regions discuss the proposals made by Nagra within the framework of regional participation. They can also make their own suggestions for siting areas and Nagra considers whether these suggestions can be implemented. The aim is to agree on at least one siting area for the surface facility for each geological siting region.

The regions can also express their views on the layout and accessing and development of the facility.

Ab Februar 2012

Januar 2012

Nagra announces potential siting areas for a surface facility in each of the six proposed repository siting regions at a media conference held by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).




Januar 2012