Annual report 2014

Report on activities during the business year, company organisation and annual accounts


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Corina Eichenberger, President of the Board of Directors
Thomas Ernst, Chief Executive Officer

Highlights in 2014

Our mandate

Developments in 2014
Legislation and authorities
Inventory of radioactive materials
Sectoral Plan process
Scientific and technical background
Rock laboratories
Consulting services
International collaboration
Public outreach

Organisational structure
Management and head office
Members of the Cooperative, Board of Directors, Commissions, Statutory Auditors
Organigram of the head office

Annual financial statement for 2014
Comment on the annual financial statement for 2014
Balance sheet
Profit and loss account
Cash flow statement
Notes on the financial statements
Accumulated accounts
Notes on the accumulated accounts
Report of the Statutory Auditors

Waste inventories and volumes
Publications in 2014
Glossary / abbreviations

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