Nagra (National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste) is the Swiss technical competence centre in the field of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

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Preliminary results of Nagra’s deep borehole campaign


Eighteen months after the start of the deep borehole campaign, Nagra confirms that it is possible to construct a safe deep geological repository in all three potential siting regions.

Nagra submits a further application for a borehole in the Nördlich Lägern region


In October, Nagra will submit an application for a deep borehole in the community of Bachs in the Nördlich Lägern siting region.

Two separate repositories or a combined repository for radioactive waste?


Nagra is planning a deep geological repository for low- and intermediate-level waste and one for high-level waste – or one so-called combined repository.

Nagra preparing drill site in Rheinau


Nagra is starting preliminary work for a drill site in Rheinau. Whether a deep borehole will actually be drilled in Rheinau has not been decided yet.

Lunar mission at the Grimsel Test Site


Few people have had the privilege to walk on the moon. Six international students want to get one step closer to realising this dream on a mission under lunar-like conditions at the Grimsel Test Site.

Succession planning for Nagra’s Chief Executive Officer Thomas Ernst


Nagra wants to arrange the succession for CEO Thomas Ernst in a timely manner. Ernst plans on remaining in office until autumn 2021.

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What exactly is radioactivity and how can we protect ourselves from it? (subtitles in english)

What exactly is radioactivity? How can we protect ourselves from radioactivity? We hear these questions very often at trade fairs or school events. Answers to this can be found in our new animated explanatory film on "radioactivity". Learn more about the different types and sources of radiation in three minutes.

More information on the disposal of radioactive waste can be found on our blog:

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