Nagra (National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste) is the Swiss technical competence centre in the field of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

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Philipp Senn is Nagra’s new Division Head Communication & Public Affairs


The Board of Directors elected Philipp Senn as new Division Head Communication & Public Affairs.

Nagra facing exciting times


Lino Guzzella has been Nagra’s President of the Board of Directors since early July. We spoke to him about his motivation, nuclear energy and successful collaboration.

Lino Guzzella is new President of the Board of Directors


At Nagra’s annual general meeting held today, Lino Guzzella was elected as new President of the Board of Directors. His predecessor, Corina Eichenberger, hands over an organisation that is on track.

Nagra planning two more deep boreholes


This summer, Nagra will start drilling another deep borehole in the Rheinau community in the Zürich Nordost siting region. It is also preparing one more borehole in the Nördlich Lägern siting region.

Nagra starts second borehole in community of Stadel


As of 22nd January, Nagra is drilling in two areas of the community of Stadel in Canton Zürich. The purpose of the boreholes is to complete the picture of the underground.

Deep boreholes in Bözberg completed, Nagra to investigate underground in Stadel next


The two deep boreholes in the community of Bözberg have been completed, the next two will be drilled in the community of Stadel.

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What exactly is radioactivity and how can we protect ourselves from it? (subtitles in english)

What exactly is radioactivity? How can we protect ourselves from radioactivity? We hear these questions very often at trade fairs or school events. Answers to this can be found in our new animated explanatory film on "radioactivity". Learn more about the different types and sources of radiation in three minutes.

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