Nagra disposes of Switzerland’s radioactive waste – on behalf of the nation and for a safe future.

Three potential sites for the deep geological repository
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A Swiss project of the century

Nagra is committed to disposing of radioactive waste: we are searching for the best site to safely contain the waste deep beneath the earth’s surface. We have already identified the best rock and a robust technology.

Together with others, we are engaged in providing an intact environment and a safe future for generations to come. We are proud to be moving ahead with this project of the century for Switzerland.

What is being disposed of?

We will dispose of radioactive waste arising mainly from the generation of electricity in nuclear power plants. Other types of radioactive waste are produced from applications in medicine, industry and research. Read more about how much waste there is and what radioactivity actually is.

Safe disposal of radioactive waste, but how?

Switzerland intends to safely dispose of its radioactive waste, and the best solution for this is a deep geological repository. Together with others, Nagra is working on this task of great importance. Click here to learn how a deep geological repository works.

Where are the potential repository sites?

Where a deep geological repository for radioactive waste is to be constructed will be answered conclusively in the coming years. The Federal Government leads the site selection process for a repository. Get an overview of the potential sites here.

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Nagra Bohrplatz
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“In September, Nagra will achieve an important milestone in the project of the century of deep geological disposal”
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