Nagra is the National Technical Competence Centre in the field of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

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Start of the 3D seismic measurements in the Jura Ost siting region


The 3D seismic measurements in the Jura Ost siting region started today, 1st October. The investigations are focusing on the underground environment around the Bözberg area.

3D seismics: Landowners now being informed by Nagra


Nagra is currently contacting all landowners and tenants who will be directly affected by the 3D seismic investigations in the Jura Ost siting region. A six-member team is underway from door to door.

Statement on the SFOE media conference of 9th September 2015 – the aim is to optimise safety


The call by ENSI for additional documentation is part of the scientific discussion surrounding the optimisation of the safety of deep geological repositories.

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Neuer Film zu 3D-Seismik-Messungen

Was sind 3D-Seismik-Messungen? Wozu braucht es Geofone und Vibrationsfahrzeuge? Welche Informationen aus dem geologischen Untergrund erhält man? Der 5-minütige Film der Nagra liefert Antworten.


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