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Finland: Facilities for managing radioactive waste can be constructed safely


The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority confirms that a deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel can be constructed safely in Finland.

Site selection: Nagra proposes the geological siting regions Zürich Nordost and Jura Ost


At a media conference hosted today by SFOE, Nagra presented its proposals for the geological siting regions for further investigation in Stage 3 of the Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories.

Nagra’s new website


As from 18th November, Nagra’s internet presence is modern, fresh and clearly structured. The most important new features are presented below.

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Experiment on safe disposal of radioactive waste

Following three years of intensive preparation, Nagra’s largest and most complex experiment to date is now entering a decisive phase. Three heater elements in dummy containers will be emplaced in a test tunnel excavated in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory and the tunnel will then be backfilled with bentonite granulate.


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