Nagra is the National Technical Competence Centre in the field of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

According to Swiss nuclear energy legislation, the producers of radioactive waste are responsible for its safe management and disposal. In 1972, the nuclear power plant operators and the Federal Government set up the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) to perform this task. Nagra has its headquarters in Wettingen (AG).

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Experiment on disposal of radioactive waste – Test container to be excavated after 18 years


After 18 years, scientists are excavating a test container from a tunnel at the Grimsel Test Site.

Clay Conference: latest findings on disposal of radioactive waste in clay


International specialists present the latest findings on disposal of radioactive waste in clay host rocks at the «Clay Conference 2015». This important conference will be held in Switzerland in 2017.

International closing conference on the LUCOEX Project in Sweden


In June 2015, the closing conference on the LUCOEX Project will be held in Oskarshamn (Sweden). Nagra is involved with the «Full-Scale Emplacement» Experiment at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory.

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New film about the FE Experiment

Trial run for a deep geological repository: The Full-Scale Emplacement Experiment, or the FE Experiment in short, in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory has now entered the actual monitoring phase. The concrete plug is in place phase and a glimpse of what is happening behind it will now be impossible for years, or even decades. The film shows what is going on behind the scenes.


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